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"Without dark, there is no light.
Without nightfall, there are no sunsets."
- Light of Chi


I am standing on a clearing in the center of a forest, surrounded by green high trees. Sun is glistening through the leaves. Grass beneeth my feet and my eyes closed. A content smile on my face. From my core, my solar plexus, a light starts to burn and shine. Bigger and brighter it shines. I feel who I really am, the essential me. I feel my strength and all that is good. I feel love. I feel free. I finally feel the light from my core; the center of the name that has been given to me when I was born; my Chi.


My name is Rachida,
and at Light of Chi I want to help you,
with love, attention and warmth,
to also make contact with your light,
your essence, your chi:
your life energy. 

 “And like sunflowers, we must follow our sun in order to bloom.”
C.M. Writer

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