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Feathers on my path...

When I first heard about Complementary Healthcare, I found a big missing peace of my puzzle. So I quickly did the basic course.

Complementary Healthcare consists of a various alternative methods as an addition to regular health care. Such as massage, working with essential oils and herbs, music, relaxation excercises and Healing Touch (HT). While I find them all interesting, HT and working with essential oils spoke to me the most. So I started to learn more about them.


Thanks to Complementary Healthcare (and my personal, intuitive and spiritual growth), healthcare has become even more special. For example, I was able to distract a friend in his last phase of his life and give him a moment of peace by giving him a foot massage with lavender essential oil with his favorite relaxing music in the background. I also helped a terminal client with her daughters by using Healing Touch to create space to feel, receive what was needed to process and let go in peace. (feathers)


Because I connect with people’s essence with Healing Touch, I also like to use the essence of nature (additionally) in the shape of essential oils.

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