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Sta je wel eens stil bij jouw pijn?

Ga je er wel eens mee in gesprek?

Breng je jouw pijn naar het licht?

Wat zegt het? Wat heeft het nodig? Wat heeft jouw lichaam nodig? Wat leert het jou?

Mijn lichaam, de pijn, heeft mij geleerd om nog beter ernaar te luisteren. Nog bewuster te voelen en bewegen. Nog sneller nee te zeggen en hulp vragen. Dat ik vaak veels te snel wil en het rustiger aan mag doen x10. En dat rustiger dan rustig aan doen ok is.

Deep breath and relax....

"Pain doesn't mean something is wrong, it means you need to change something." @stopchasingpain

In my soul I knew I even said it out loud I just want a break and just Rest I got what I wanted and took it For just a moment Then I kept going again Just a moment Wasn't enough It wasn't what my soul needed It wasn't what my soul asked for Going and going Overthinking, overanalyzing, overobserving, overworking, overfighting, overdoing, overgoing Oversmallmomenting Over and over I was resisting rest Not listening to my soul The soul gets what she wants So again I got what I asked for Intense physical pain Not being able to move pain Not being able to think pain Curse, wanting to rip my hair out, curse pain Why is this happening Why now why me why why why kind of pain Pray to God to take away my pain kind of pain A pain that gives my soul what it asked for A pain that goes when I stop resisting rest When I surrender When I stop fighting, going, overdoing When I just sit and feel When I just am Without guilt and worry Without thinking of the next step and consequences When I trust fully in the universe, in divine timing, in my soul When I trust that I am protected and guided no matter what When I trust that everything will be and is ok So I just rewatch all the nostalgic movies and enjoy And rest with my pain (I try and try again) A pain that's a gift A gift for my soul

- Rachida

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